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Social Security

We are with you every step of the retirement process. Ballew advisors have perfected the strategy for a Social Security plan built to meet and exceed your unique goals.


1. Discover

Getting to know you and your unique circumstances is paramount to the Social Security planning process. During our initial meeting, we grasp the opportunity to learn about you. We discover your dreams, aspirations, and fears about retirement.

2. Collect

As we become more familiar with your situation and the different factors that could affect your Social Security filing strategy, we begin collecting all pertinent data. This includes, but is not limited to, personal investments, marital status and marriage history, work history, etc.

3. Analyze

Once we establish an accurate profile for you, we begin analyzing the data that you have provided to create your optimal Social Security scenario. During this stage, we remove emotion from the decision-making process and view Social Security alone to see what will give you the most value over your lifetime.

4. Develop

During the development stage, we carefully calculate how your optimal Social Security strategy fits within your overall retirement strategy and adapt that strategy as necessary. This is where we, as the financial professionals, begin to formulate a custom-tailored strategy that, in the context of your overall retirement plan, gives you the highest probability of a successful, dignified retirement.

5. Implement

Once we have established a plan that balances long-term goals and present circumstances, we work with you to implement the chosen plan. Implementation could mean a variety of things, so whether you are planning to file tomorrow or in five years, we will be there to help along the way.

6. Review

It is important to remember that life happens. Over the first few years of retirement, things are going to change and, coincidentally, so will your plans for Social Security. The plan that we initially implement will need to be tweaked through the numerous transitions of life. If needed, we work with you to modify your strategy to better fit present circumstances.

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